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Virtual Yardsale

Welcome to my Virtual Yard Sale!!!!
Feel free to contact me if you would like to buy or see in person anything listed here.

Convertible Sofa Bed $50

This blue sofa is in good condition and comes from a non-smoking home (thought I do burn a little incense now and then). This sofa pulls out to a queen sized bed. A few of the springs have come a little lose, but with a tiny bit of tlc it could be good as new :D
I would keep it myself but moving to a tiny place. Hoping for $50 or best offer.

Patio Set $15

This is a cute little hunter green patio set. Sorry for the dark picture but it was dark when I got home... I will try a lighter one this weekend if it doesn't sell. The chairs could use new cushions (or they could use a nice wash) but the set is only a year old and otherwise in great condition.


Wrought Iron Wine Holder $10

This has been in storage for 3 years... got as a gift and I really like it, but I have a wine refrigerator that I keep all my vino in. So lucky you :D


Fixer-Uper Bookshelf $25

This nice wood bookshelf could be fabulous with a little TLC. The doors could stand to be re-hung, one is missing a pane of glass and the backboard needs to be re-stapled or nailed. Otherwise its PUrdy and real wood too.



Filing Cabinet $5

This thing may not be purdy, but it does the job. Sturdy little bugger comes with free good cause and dead can dance stickers. 2 drawer - letter size


ZGallerie Tomasz Rut Print 2.5f x 2.5ft $15 MOUNTED

GUHorgeous print laminate mounted onto a wood frame by ZGallerie. Yours for $20 or best offer... a gift that really doesnt go with my decor.


Mountain View, CA