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The undead hate MOOP too!

Each member of Spikes will be asked to choose an hour-long shift each day they spend with us on the Playa, during which they will be responsible for cleansing our camp and the surrounding area/street for even the smallest-microscopic non-native matter. In addition, we will request that they offer two hours of their BM experience to help the Earth Guardians clean the perimeter fence and common areas.

We will give out only an extremely limited amount of cups during the event, requesting that patrons of the bar bring their own beverage receptacles and share when possible with those who do not have cups.

Anything that is recyclable will be recycled. Items unsuitable for recycle in the recycling camp will be transported to the appropriate facilities after BM.

To keep cigarette butts to a minimum we will be sinking large metal containers into our bar surface. These butt graveyards will be kept moist to ensure fire safety.

Our camp will pack out on Monday morning. A select group of us will remain to search the empty camp in an inch-by-inch grid style throughout the day Monday, departing at nightfall. Should the Playa require extra MOOPing efforts, a team of no more than four will stay on to continue the work through Tuesday.