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Who Spike's is 
t_spke (46K)Spike Visionary; Founder
Upon arriving home from the Playa in 2003 Spike had a vision. He wanted to bring a nice quiet comfortable corner bar to Burning Man. Nothing too extravagant. Maybe he should have kept quiet. For once the idea was spoken aloud it was too late. Little did he know how his quaint bar concept would become one of the most infamously popular nightspots on the Playa. He repeatedly attempts to retire, but we won't let him.
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t_java (48K)Raven Overseer, Logistician
Raven's organizational wizardry is essential to making Spike's happen. Her logic comes through to solve even the most seemingly insurmountable dilemmas. She keeps this diverse crew, with a tendency for digression, focused and on track. And of course she only whips us when we deserve it (or when we ask nicely).
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t_shadow (46K)Shadow  Architect, Engineer
Spike's IS Shadow. This amazing man took Spike's dream and expanded it to an unexpectedly sensational height. He engineered and constructed the entire setup with superb perfection and a true artisans touch. Bow to this man all ye who enter here. Shadow is the GOD of construction.
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t_muse (45K)The Muse  Art and Music Director
Much more than simple inspiration, The Muse is our expert on the look and feel of Spike's. From the rune painted stage to velvet covered bar-tops and flaming pyramids, her touch can be found everywhere. And of course let us not forget the vampiric sounds she brings to the Playa from her own private trove.
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t_chill (36K)Chillable Red  Web Master, Electrician
Chillable is the artist behind this wonderful site you are now perusing. The combination of his artistry and technical skills renders a truly breathtaking yet functional masterpiece. On the Playa he is the man behind the velvet curtain, our patriarch of power. He enables our evil lights to burn in the night and our fiendish sounds to flow across the desert.
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